I am a product designer currently working in the additive manufacturing field.  My main duties include: DFAM (Carbon3D), developing hands on processes, and developing digital processes.


I attended the University of Oregon, earning a Bachelors of Science in Material and Product Studies along with a minor in Business Administration.  I had the opportunity to experience sports product design up close and personal; from running on a treadmill for a few hours as an apparel wear tester to assisting in the design, programming, and manufacture of automated training equipment for the University of Oregon football team.


In addition to my university education, I have about a year of experience in mechanical design between my CON2R internship and Technical Science Administration – University of Oregon design position.  Manufacturing methods were primarily additive manufacturing, laser cutting, and machining.


For my senior year, I took on the role of Director of Communications for the HOPES Conference.  I led outreach, workshop planning, and branding.  Through this process, I learned about management in an interdisciplinary environment along with improving my graphic design skills.