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I am a product designer currently working in the additive manufacturing field.  My main duties include: DFAM (Carbon3D), developing hands on processes, and developing digital processes.

As an Additive Manufacturing Application Specialist with a focus in Carbon DLP processes, I help customers manufacture prototype and production parts.  Some of my duties include: DFAM, industrial design, application finding, and building business cases for printing.  When I am not working on my primary tasks, I push myself to explore new DFAM techniques, generative design, and latticing.

Even though most of my day is spent at a desk, I am not afraid of working in the print lab to improve our processes.   As a cyclist, I enjoy any opportunity to design custom Carbon printed bike parts for myself and co-workers.


While attending the University of Oregon, I had the opportunity to experience sports product design up close and personal; from running on a treadmill as an apparel wear tester to assisting in the design, programming, and manufacture of automated training equipment for the University of Oregon football team.


In addition to my university education, I have about a year of experience in mechanical design between my CON2R internship and Technical Science Administration – University of Oregon design position.  Manufacturing methods were primarily additive manufacturing, laser cutting, and machining.

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